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Lands Doctor is one of the first civilian solution in land monitoring in India and its management with an extended provision using GIS, Data Analytics and Remote Sensing. The product works with field-based evaluation with drone for the first time. Supported with satellite imagery monitoring , this continues to monitor the lands on a monthly / tri monthly basis based on a subscription for the customer.

This additionally comes with periodic basics supported by a wide range of services like price surround check, plantation and rotation management, warehouse, sheds management services with a professional network team.

Secure Property

Property security with continious satellite monitoring


Location of plots/lands will be identified precisely


Building a virtual fence surrounding the property

Property Documents

Secure property documents online

News updates

Get regular updates of property and around

Demographic Analytics

Know the recent growth and development around the property


Base Subscription Bronze Subscription Silver Subscription Gold Subscription


Geo Fencing Demarking
Land Locate and Navigate
Monitor & Auto Update
Physical Fencing -
Neighbourhood Trends -
Water Draining -
Solar Fencing -
Farm House Assistance - -
Vertical Gardening - -
Water Management - -
Plantation Management - -
Park Management - -
Godowns Management - - -
Sheds Management - - -
Warehouse Construction & Managing - - -
IOT Livestock Management - - -
Advocacy (Legal) Support - - -
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  • Geo Lands Doctor in its latest General Meeting decided to expand its services towards ancient temples.

    — Lands Doctor
  • Geo Lands Doctor studied from the latest news that 500 hectares of forest land in Pune division encroached upon.

    — Lands Doctor
  • Geo Lands Doctor joins hands with AI-GENIX , experts in Artificial Intelligence based pest control solution for Organic farming, the only way to save the planet.

    — Lands Doctor
  • Geo Lands Doctor launched its first civilian application on lands protection for individuals.

    — Lands Doctor

Our Team

Jai Sankar. A

CEO & Director
Mr. Jai Sankar is the CEO of Lands Doctor responsible for the execution of the mission to help the product implemented successfully and to help the product to expand its use cases into various segments.
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Venkata Ramana Rao. A

Mr. Venkata Ramana Rao, Director on Lands Doctor, helping it pursue its business objectives with his vast experience in various realms like Infrastructure, logistics and transportation for more than 4 decades.
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Ajay Jillelamudi

Mr. Ajay Jillelamudi is currently serving as Director for Lands Doctor and leads the product, development. His varied execution experience of serving IT and Enterprise architecture in core domains like Transportation,
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I. Sravanthi

Ms. I Sravanthi is Director – Quality & Executive Operations on Lands Doctor heads the Product Quality team and leads the operations of system. Her expertise of semiconductors and control systems
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Sri H. Srinivasa Rao

Shri Srinivasa Rao is a Director on Lands Doctor , advises and focuses the development of Customers Forum (LDCF) that deals with issues related to Lands and guides on issues related to legal aspects.
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  • We thank Geo Lands Doctor for helping us protect the lands and connect it to a sustainable opportunity like farming and warehousing. We are happy to get the updated prices on a quarterly basis so that any decision on lands is one step away for us now. Thank you Lands Doctor !!!

    • Mr. Arun Prakash
    • Director at Ovis Equipments Pvt. Ltd
  • Lands Doctor, an effective instrument is available for common man with a suitable fee charged for regularly monitoring to know the status of land/plot/residential area . As many people who are busy with their daily activities and are unable to monitor their personal properties, the Lands Doctor is boon for them to safeguard, protect and get the status of geofenced property to the concerned owners regularly. I am Happy LandsDoctor Subscriber now.

    • A Retired Govt. Official
    • from National Institute of Nutrition
  • On behalf of ETC (Extenction Training Center, Samalakota), We have taken the services of Lands Doctor for Geo fencing and its services. I am very happy to see our land protected from any mis-utilization or mis-appropriation in the future. We are happy with Lands Doctor and their services.

    • Unit Head,
    • Extension Training Centre, Samalakota Related to Government of AP
  • I am very happy to share my word and would like to express our satisfaction in utilizing creative and collaborative ideas of Lands Doctor for both my personnel purpose and as well as our clients lands. The cooperation extended by the LD Product specialist team in helping us figure out our package and paper work are really exceptional . I am glad that I dont have to worry about my land now. And I also see them sustainable when compared to previous years. I am a proud LD Customer Forum member in UK and India and read the trends and interviews ,whenever they are published. Happy Land Doctor-ing !! All the very best team.. Keep it going.

    • Mr. Ravi Tirumala
    • Solicitor - Acculegal Solicitors immigration/family/landlord, London, United Kingdom
  • I am happy to put forward that team at Lands Doctor from Neer Interactives, was able to move things forward and make the data organized so as to help in the decision making and planning operations. I am impressed with the ecosystem and its multi featured timely reports that can help and indicate the cause, patterns of end-to-end Land Geo-Fencing(Geo Palms).

    • Executive Officer
    • Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Devastanam, Vijayawada ( A.P Endowments Department - A Govt of Andhra Pradesh related organization)


LD Model for Real Estate and Land Properties

  • A virtual geofenced location to navigate to the customer and update the Real-time location that enables owners to keep track of their land on a quarterly basis.
  • Share and transfer the the identity of the land sold to the customer with a geospatial identity ( token).
  • Neighbourhood Trends - Prices in the neighbourhood and analysis on what it was last year, last quarter,. For customers to get the real insight, making it more transparent transaction so you’re your land buying customers are going to continue with their trust.

LD Model for Agri Farming - Agriculturists and Agronomists

  • Demarking of Lands for secure farming, Land Locate and Navigate to the place.
  • Connect to platform of opportunities for farming, plantations, etc. to explore for better sustainable income.
  • Connected platform to authentic workmen ( skilled professionals) to provide physical fencing, draining and water management.
  • Platform for Agri , Agri - IT consulting services with GIS, Drone and IoT technology - both for open and green house cultivation for rural and urban areas.
  • Services related to Geotagging and monitoring with yield analysis, harvest monitoring support.

LD Model for Ware Housing with IoT and Secured Tracking

  • Demarking of Lands for secure establishment for temporary or long term leasing, Land Locate and Navigate to the place.
  • Trackable devices for monitoring and for transportation tracking on hourly basis.
  • Connect to platform of opportunities related to godowns, sheds, warehouse management firms for extended opportunities, etc. to explore for better sustainable income.
  • Secure models with geofenced alarms in order to help the secure and authorised transportation with robust tracking devices from source to destination on air, sea and road.

Real Estate Dealers
42.8 million
Land value

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